Thursday, 5 June 2014

Introducing: Super-Power Creative Girl

I have three of my own,
and one brave boy.
They are all awesome and I love them like crazy.
There is absolutely nothing that compares to having a family
{And I mean nothing}.

I also really like creating them in my art journal,
and on canvases,
and in my sketchbook...
{you get the point}.

I have been creating them for the past few years
and they are scattered throughout my studio.

This is one of my creations,
based on a recent {wonderful!} class I took
by the super-talented Danielle Donaldson.

Her work makes me swoon.
It just grabs at something 
deep inside of me.
It's magic,
It's playful.
It's like looking at a rainbow
all the time.
I love, love, love it.

Assignment #4: Here is my creative, super-power girl
from the Creative Girl class:

 Yup, I really like her.  
with her rainbow hair, 
super-hero designer cape
 and crooked little mouth.

Here are her humble beginnings, with a few possible friends:

You can see a few other girls I have created here, and here, and some quick, abstract ones here.



  1. Anytime you are ready to illustrate children's picture books just let me know.......

  2. I also took this class. I learned so much from Danielle. Your girl is so beautiful. The colors just pop while the whole piece feels so delicate. My girl is still a work in progress. Danielle calls it creative practicing. Great job. I love your art!