Wednesday, 23 January 2013

About the Feather

I've had a few questions about the feather in my blog heading so I thought I'd show a few pictures of my process of creating it.  

Lately I have been working at doing less detail oriented work as most of my work in the past has been detailed and it has been so fun to explore new horizons.  However, I still love to get lost in a detailed project like this one ...

We were down by the St. Lawrence last September where I collected a few items that caught my attention ... knobby sticks, unique leaves and this feather.

I used water colour paint on black paper. It is purely white except for a bit of yellow ochre on the stem.  

I put a bit more of a curve in the stem, and made it a bit longer.

The feather shape changed a bit, even as I was painting it, but I tried to stick closely to the original.

The finished product, mounted on red card stock.



  1. Wow Silvia, these are fantastic! You capture the true beauty and simplicity of one of God's finest artistic creations. Lovely!

  2. Truly great work. I am so impressed! I particularly like the s-curvy bit near the base of the stem...

  3. So Beautiful Silvia! Great to find a fellow blogger :)

  4. Thanks Natalie! You are a great writer - I've enjoyed reading your blog posts.