Monday, 12 August 2013

Yummy Food Art

Ok ... I'm not too much of a foodie, but this weekend Tim & I had a couple of nights away at a Bed & Breakfast and it turns out that a gourmet chef (Chef Julie) & her husband owned the B&B.  All I can say is mmm...

Her breakfasts were absolutely delicious ... I just wanted to eat them slowly all day long!  Not only were they delicious ... they were so beautifully presented that I initially felt bad destroying her works of art (that is, until I began eating).  Chef Julie also had optional dinners available, and after tasting our first breakfast, we booked her for the evening. I have to confess though ... I don't have many pics of the dinner. What can I say, we had spent the day biking in Montreal and I was hungry.  :)

The hosts were so friendly and worked hard to communicate with us (as we switched between their broken English and our broken French) and the house was a beautiful century home, just steps away from the Ottawa River in Saint-Placide, Quebec.

Here are some pictures of our three course breakfasts...

Crepes with roasted apple and Brie cheese, served with maple syrup, fresh fruit and a flower waffle.

 We had nasturtiums with every meal.  They taste good with maple syrup. Actually, everything tastes good with maple syrup.

Her own pastry, fruit and Oka cheese, served with fruit, a heart shaped waffle, and of course, maple syrup.

 Here is our second course on day two.  I ate the second course on day one before I thought about taking a picture of it.  This is scrambled eggs mixed with some nearly divine cheese, served over a ratatouille, in a pastry bowl.

The third course on both days was home-made pastries served with several of her own preserves.

I have no pictures of our dinner, but you will have to trust me that it was amazing and beautiful. All I will say is I wanted to drink the sauce that was used over our fish. Seriously, I would have drank it straight out of the pot if I could have.

As for the rest of our time away - we had a very sweet time we felt like we were in a bit of France with vineyards and bakeries scattered across the countryside.  Definitely a place we will return to!

And if you are interested this is where we stayed... and ate:


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  1. Wow thats awesome looking food :-) almost looks too good to eat!
    Love it <3 my kind of away