Wednesday, 4 December 2013

November Around Here

I can hardly believe it has been a month since I last posted! 
November was a very full month for us ... 
we went to a conference in California, 
ran a conference here at home 
{both were absolutely fabulous!} 
and celebrated my second daughter's 13th birthday ... 

 Around here we make thirteen a big deal and work hard to bless our kiddos as they transition into their teenage years. 
One of the ways we do that is through a party with some of our adult friends who speak into our new teenager's life, 
calling out the gold they see in her 
{and him one day},
and praying a blessing over our precious child. 
It has become a cherished birthday event!!

Although very busy, I haven't been inactive art-wise this month. 
One way I keep creative in busy conference season is 
during the conference ... 
yup, I draw, doodle & art journal my way through the sessions, 
taking notes around my colorful pages. 
Sometimes I prepared a few pages ahead of time 
with some acrylic paint slapped on, 
and lots of times I added colour on the spot. 
Water colour crayons & washi tape were my go-to supplies this time 
as they were easy to use on-the-spot. 

My kids were at the whole conference we hosted 
{and, by the way, they LOVED it too} 
and they doodled and drew throughout it as well, 
all the while gaining life tools, 
tools that will empower and help them all their lives!

The conference we hosted was called "Dreaming with the King".
I couldn't recommend the speakers more!  

Steve & Wendy Backlund {}
& Janine Mason {
were life-changing!!

Check out their websites, 
invite them to speak, 
follow them on facebook...
 do something to connect with these people!  
They are pure gold!

So now, here are some of my conference journaling pages and doodles...   {I apologize for the quality - I was trying to post from my phone app)




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