Thursday, 4 December 2014

the process

It is very exciting to have my art being exhibited at Oh So Good Cafe.
I thought I'd share a bit of what goes into creating a mixed media piece,
and then blogging about it.

I have hundreds {honestly, thousands I'm sure}
of pictures that I take for blogging 
that never  actually make it onto my blog.
Sometimes, I simply didn't have the time
to get a blog post ready
{it takes a good chunk of time}
and quite frankly,
what seemed like a great idea one day,
just didn't have the same appeal the next day.

A lot of the first steps happen in my thoughts
{I often lay in bed seeing images of what I could create ...
oh! if i could just snapshot those paintings in my brain!}
I do a lot of thinking before I start a piece.

And then I...
I sketch it out, 
play with it,
do background work, 
and layering,
drying time {which I usually rush along with dryer},
paint, paint and more paint!
I often add watercolour or ink
as one of my top layers,
I highlight with a white pen or marker, 
{my favourite pen to date: Uniball Signo},
I create shadows,
splatter paint {on purpose}
and sometimes, 
I doodle at the very end.
I nearly always I take pictures,
{alone, or with help from my man}

And then, sometimes, I blog about it. 

Here is a peak, taken from various paintings:

 {drawing stage of a watercolour}

 {first layer of mixed media, drying paint}

 {collage, more paint, stamping, spraying, dripping, adding wash tape ... I'm almost always on the floor by now}

{another background in process}

{inks for one of the top layers}

{photo shoot}

{Tim, helping me out}

{me, taking some pics}

Stay tuned! I am planning to soon blog about some
useful background-making supplies!


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