Thursday 5 June 2014

Introducing: Super-Power Creative Girl

I have three of my own,
and one brave boy.
They are all awesome and I love them like crazy.
There is absolutely nothing that compares to having a family
{And I mean nothing}.

I also really like creating them in my art journal,
and on canvases,
and in my sketchbook...
{you get the point}.

I have been creating them for the past few years
and they are scattered throughout my studio.

This is one of my creations,
based on a recent {wonderful!} class I took
by the super-talented Danielle Donaldson.

Her work makes me swoon.
It just grabs at something 
deep inside of me.
It's magic,
It's playful.
It's like looking at a rainbow
all the time.
I love, love, love it.

Assignment #4: Here is my creative, super-power girl
from the Creative Girl class:

 Yup, I really like her.  
with her rainbow hair, 
super-hero designer cape
 and crooked little mouth.

Here are her humble beginnings, with a few possible friends:

You can see a few other girls I have created here, and here, and some quick, abstract ones here.


a trip to Narnia

Like most of you, my life is super busy. 
It feels crazy sometimes, 
trying to fit so many things in each week,
while longing for a slower pace.

But there are a few things that I wouldn't trade in
our morning times with God
sweet moments of connection with family
time for art and creativity
time spent in nature.

I try to carve out time for this regularly,
when life is calling me to
do more
I know heaven is calling me to 
be more.

I haven't blogged much
{I didn't blog all of May}

I have made time lately
for some of the things I love
{we need to make time for the things we love}

I'll try to show them here in the next few posts.

Recently I spent a few hours with youngest two kids
{while my older two were away for the day}
at one of our favourite, magical spots.
{a friend called it Narnia}

So they did their math, and read their chapters books
{they both happen to be reading the Chronicles of Narnia}
while in Narnia

Inevitably when we are out,
we start collecting.  
{Rocks, sticks, dandelions, anything goes}

There is something wonderful about collecting treasures from natures.
We took most of our treasures home 
and we are in the midst of using them in some fun and useful projects.  
{I'll post more about that another day.}

Lastly, here is a little beauty that stopped long enough for me to snap a few pictures of it:

It was a wonderfully peaceful, happy time,
like water to a thirsty soul.
In our little bit of Narnia.