Thursday 23 April 2015

free download for you

It has dawned on me that some of you reading this blog
might not know what art journaling is.
Please allow me to explain...

Art journaling is a way of keeping a journal 
in which you use a mix of art and words 
to express yourself, to practice drawing or art techniques,
 or to document your life, thoughts or discoveries.

{Art journals have been around for a very long time. 
A quick google search of "Leonardo da Vinci art journal" 
will prove that.}

In my recent workshop, 
I created a couple of pages that had words
which could be used in an art journal.

They were included in the welcome packets I gave them:

 Today, I thought I would share them, 
and make them available as a download here 
for you to use in your own journal.
{Please keep these for personal use only.}



Tuesday 14 April 2015

art journaling workshop

What a wonderful Saturday morning I had!
This past Saturday I ran an art journaling workshop 
at the Bluesfest School of Music and Art (BSOMA).

I went into the morning with such excitement,
which was equalled by they enthusiasm 
of the wonderful people who registered.
We had full registration 
{with some others who also wanted to join in!}

Here's a peak at the morning, tables set up and ready to go:

I created a little packet for each person. With only two hours, I was definitely pressed for time, but I wanted to introduce some colour theory, along with a quick talk about the many different ways to keep an art journal.

I based the class around some of my art journal pages,
 teaching the techniques I used here:
And then the wonderful process of creating began. 
A few of the folks had art journaled before, 
but for most this was the beginning of a beautiful journey for them.

The ladies {and one man} were so open, friendly and engaged. 
They were truly a pleasure to teach.

 I absolutely loved teaching this class and had such wonderful feedback, 
with requests for more, and longer workshops.
{Do you guys know how humbled and excited I am about that??}

I am working with BSOMA to create series of classes, so stay tuned!


Friday 10 April 2015

workshop time

Hey Friends! 

I'm excited and ready for my art journaling workshop tomorrow. 
I heard last week that it is sold out
Yes, sold out!! Wow, I'm blown away. 
Thank you to those who love, support and keep believing in me. 
You are a gift in my life. 

Here's a peak at the cute {and info-packed} little packages I'll be giving out. 

I am hoping to bless the sweet folks who have signed up,
and send them home inspired with a new passion,
and some skills to fuel it!

I plan on posting some pictures from it, so stay tuned.