Saturday 30 August 2014

silent but productive // beautiful time

Hi Friends,
I know I have been fairly quiet on my blog 
these past few months, 
but it's not because I haven't been creating.

I've created some goals for myself 
that I am working towards,
and while I love to share what I've been doing,
blogging does take a good time commitment.

So, with the full life I have
{we all have full lives, don't we}
I have allotted that time to other things.

{I have been reading a great book
by Harold Eberle in which he describes 
in the most beautiful, 
meditative  manner.
I can't do it justice here,
but it is shifting my whole viewpoint.
I will say that I am learning
that I am not in a race against time;
  it is a gift from a loving God
that is partnering with me
to accomplish my dreams and destiny.}

Here is a sample 
of what I've been creating lately.
I may still add a bit of text
beside her, about her.

{**I plan to show more,
and make some announcements
in the near future!!**}

Thanks for reading, and for your support.