Saturday, 13 April 2013

Lovin' Florida's Birds...

I absolutely love the ocean - I love the majesty of the water, the sights, sounds & smells.  We are presently on vacation in Florida right now, and although we have just arrived, it has already been so much fun.

We are amateur ornithologists in our home - we have watched, searched out and tried to identify new-to-us birds for many years. Here in Florida, we have already spotted so many warm climate & coastal birds.

Here are a few that Tim & I were able to photograph today:

I saw this Anhinga perching over a pond as we sped down a road and asked Tim to turn around and go back so we could get a closer look.  It was on my list of birds I hoped to see in Florida!

These Brown Pelicans were sitting on a pier, hoping to get some bits of food from all the people who were fishing.  They were so tame and would look right at you as they were "keeping an eye on you".

These little guys are Sanderlings, and apparently, they felt they needed to watch me too!

Ruddy Turnstones - male & female (sitting)

Female Boat-tailed Grackle - not as showy as some of the birds we saw, but it was our first sighting of this species.

We saw Sandhill Cranes for the first time last year on Manitoulin Island during the summer. I guess these ones haven't migrated north for the season yet.

Cattle Egret - you can see why they get their name.

My amateur ornithologists greeting the ocean that we all love so much.



  1. This pictures are awesome! Hope you have a great time in Florida!

    1. Thanks Suzanne! Yes, we are at Gasparilla.

  2. Great pictures Silvia! Are you at Little Gasparilla (spelling?) again? Hope you have a restful and fun vacation!
    Anne Marie

    1. Thanks Anne Marie. Yes, that is where we are. It is beautiful here!