Sunday, 5 January 2014

unleash your expectations (with video this time)

Excitement is in the air, 
expectation is high,
hope springs eternal,
a new year is here!

Twenty13 is history and Twenty14 has arrived.

Unleash your expectations,
hope all over again.

In reality, every day is a new beginning, 
but the onset of a new year impacts us more intensely doesn't it?

Some make resolutions, but we don't.
We welcome the new year as a family by listening -  
 listening to the whispers of heaven.  
This morning we did just that.
 We now have a large paper posted in our kitchen 
full of all the delicious things God said and showed 
to our family.

And we ended up dancing ~ enjoying the glow of heaven on us,
 delighted by the sweet words He spoke to us.
{Its going to be a good year!}

I believe that this new year is a year of wonder, adventure and joy.
Unleash your expectations and dream!

Dreaming ... another other thing we do together.

I am taking some time today to respond to a prophetic word I heard in December ... I am going to dream with God about my future today and pour out the desires of my heart for this upcoming year ... 
a kind of co-creating with God.  

He loves to hear your heart's desires...
Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart. (Ps 37:4)

It begins with being rapturously caught up in joy with Him.

I saw want to share this video with you today as you enter your new year.

May you find yourself dancing on God's dance floor every day of twenty14.

Happy, happy 2014!


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