Tuesday, 22 April 2014

tiny landscapes

One of my all-time favourite words is
It's fun to say,
it makes me feel happy,
and I love that is speaks of unpredictability.

I love to go on serendipitous vacations with my family
{where we don't have every detail planned out.}
I love to discover new things together,
especially when it was unexpected,

Here is my connection to art:
I love watercolours.
I love how they move across the page,
I love their unpredictability
I love that they can take me on a 
serendipitous journey.

This week, I saw an artist post about how she used watercolour paintings
that didn't work out very well
to make new artwork.
{check out: Elvie Studio}
So, I gave it a try with my own twist...
I masked a few little areas for fun. 
{Masking fluid shields the paper from the paint until it is removed}.
And then I just played with streaks and blobs of colour:

After that, I cut out a 1" square, 
a 1 1/2" square and a 1"x2" rectangle 
from another sheet of paper
and I used them as frames
to see what I could find in my painting:

My mind is often on nature a lot these days
and I couldn't help but see it through that filter. 
Do you see as many landscapes as I did?
{I loved elvis studio's frames, 
so borrowed them for my mini pics}

This was fun little serendipitous project.
It forced me to look beyond the streaks and blobs
to find art.


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