Tuesday, 1 April 2014

you cannot keep spring from coming

Around here we haven't seen too many signs of spring.  This is pretty much how things look in eastern Ontario:

Piles of dirty, brown-grey snow. We even had 6" of snowfall this past  Sunday. 
This is not the scene we all expect 
{and desire} 
to see when April finally enters the scene!

I'm going to share a funny little bit about myself:
I have a daily reminder on my iPhone to "Notice Nature."
Yup. I remind myself each day to look up, look out, to see. 
I remind myself each day to 
the glory of creation.
It is a soul-soothing discipline/habit/love.

However, I have to admit that lately it has felt like there isn't too much to notice.

Today, with the weather above freezing, I took my two youngest kids out, 
and we out to look for

Amidst all that grey-brown, dirty snow, this is what we found:


Budding trees, dirty puddles of melting dirty snow, gooey, squishy mud, bits of grass trying to awaken, flowers pushing their way up through the snow 
... beautiful, hopeful signs of spring.

{Welcome Spring. We have all been waiting for you}

 Pablo Neruda once said, "You can cut the flowers, but you cannot keep spring from coming."

After last Sunday's six inches of snow, 
I used my sketchbook to remind myself that spring was indeed 
still coming...

Happy Spring to you!

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